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Comments from Previous Participants

My huge appreciation, for your fantastic organisation of this event, and facilitation on the night. A very wholesome and enriching forum for all, I'm sure!"

"I have had a great day - very educational, informative and fun."

"The exercise reading from the Qur' an will stay with me always - thank you for holding this rich learning space."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for a really interesting event you all organised - I really enjoyed it."

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Our other activities include:

        • Facilitation support
        • Educational literature
        • Practicals on the land
        • Deep dialogue
        • & Talks

Wisdom In Nature (WIN) is a UK-based ecology & community group guided by Islamic principles.

We are an autonomous group. Our mindfulness of funding sources supports us in being independent of corporations and government.

At WIN, we use bottom-up processes and consensus-decision-making (with a contemplative approach) for much of our work, finding ways of equalising power - ensuring our processes and actions are owned by those directly involved. This deeper democratic approach, based on principles of non-violence, reflects our commitment to mirroring the world we wish to live in, whilst being established in core Islamic principles.

We are trained in and teach Permaculture, an approach that we weave into our work.

Wisdom In Nature's work is based on four core interconnected strands (Earth & Community, Deep Democracy, Whole Economics, and Climate Justice), underpinned by the concept of Engaged Surrender.


Earth & Community
Deep Democracy
Whole Economics
Climate Justice
Engaged Surrender

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