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The above image is from: The Permanent Culture Now website and content (Stephen Jones, Michael Thomas and other authors) / (Creative Commons license) CC BY-NC 3.0

At Wisdom In Nature, like so many other people, we have found Permaculture to be both inspiring and practical.

"When the dominant structures cease to serve, we need to imagine something different! We need to imagine alternatives that are wholesome, viable and possible. Permaculture is an approach that is empowering people throughout the world to imagine and design projects, gardens, livelihoods and communities that sustain, regenerate and are resilient. Permaculture offers a methodology that helps people and communities to create those very alternatives we urgently need."  [Wisdom In Nature]

So, What is Permaculture?

Permaculture has been described in many ways.

One simple and useful way of looking at Permaculture, is as:

A practical system for sustainable living, and regenerating the earth and communities. It is based on observing principles and patterns in nature. Rather than seeing living systems as disconnected parts, permaculture helps us to see them as a whole and to maximise the relationships between things while working within an ethical framework. Permaculture has empowered people worldwide to develop projects that work with nature, rather than against it.

Permaculture can be used in many contexts and scales: whether

  • the home and garden,
  • congregational space, 
  • business or community space,
  • and also for people-based community projects.

Typical course content would include:

  • What is Permaculture?
  • Introduction to Permaculture ethics and principles
  • Nature observation
  • Social Permaculture
  • Permaculture as a design system
  • Applying Permaculture
  • Next steps

Permaculture & Islam: We designed and delivered what was probably the first Islam & Permaculture Course anywhere in the world! This was in 2010, and we continue to develop and offer our teaching, weaving together the fundamentals of permaculture with Islamic ecology - particularly useful and enriching for anyone wanting to apply permaculture with appreciation of an authentic spirituality. We have found the two to be mutually supportive.

We offer workshops on either of the above whether for a couple of hours, a whole day, or a weekend.

Fees: For our fees, click here

Contact Us if interested in a workshop for your group.


To read about permaculture posts from our blog, click here.

Permaculture Principles website: click here

If you are trained in permaculture (i.e. PDC / diploma), and would like to work with us, please contact us so we can discuss.


Some Definitions:

"The essence of permaculture is ancient in origin - taking inspiration from the civilisations of the world that have survived for thousands of years. However, permaculture is an integration of many skills and disciplines, brought together to design ways of living in the 21st century."  (Ian Lillington, The Holistic Life - Sustainability  through Permaculture )

"Permaculture is revolution disguised as gardening." Mike Feingold


Above is a Perma-Blitz gathering WIN Reps took part in at Brixton Edge - making raised beds. We moved earth, sawed wood, ate delicious food, and met some inspiring people amongst wind & rain!
Raised beds in Springfield University Hospital Tooting, where we
held our first permaculture training day.
WIN Rep back yard: Maximising space and using
local resources: growing potatoes in
unwanted tyres left outside a local shop.




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