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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunday 20th November 2005


CONTACT: Muzammal Hussain (Group contact for LINE): 0845 456 3960;  


To mark the start of Islam Awareness Week tomorrow, Muslims from the 'London Islamic Network for the Environment',  (LINE), highlighted the threat facing Bangladesh from sea level rise due to climatic change by wearing snorkel masks and flippers, whilst holding a banner stating "Get Serious on Climate". The stunt took place at midday today in Brick Lane, the heart of the London Bangladeshi community.


By wearing snorkel gear, the LINE campaigners drew attention to the fact that higher global temperatures are causing sea levels to rise, posing a threat to millions of people, especially in Bangladesh. LINE is thus urging everyone, governments, community groups and individuals to play their part in meeting the climate challenge.


The event took place the day before the launch of Islam Awareness Week to point to the fact that positive environmental action is integral to Islamic teachings, and also to encourage fellow Islamic organisations to give the issue of climate change the seriousness it truly deserves.


The group also drew attention to major climate change demonstration on Saturday 3rd December at Lincoln's Inn Fields in London.   This is expected to be the biggest climate demonstration ever to take place in the UK and the campaigners were handing out information about the march to passers by.


Group Contact for LINE, Muzammal Hussain said:


 "Given the massive threat posed by climate change, we believe it's vital for the environmental message of Islam to rise to the forefront of what is called 'Islam Awareness Week'. With more frequent floods and intense hurricanes not only do the early signs of climatic change already seem to be with us, but the situation will get much worse. Unless urgent action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, up to twenty percent of Bangladesh could permanently disappear under the waves, flooding fifteen million people from their homes."


LINE member, Mumtaz said:


"We had alot of fun whilst raising awareness on an otherwise neglected issue. We look forward to a diverse presence on Saturday December 3rd. So be there, be fair!"





Contact: Muzammal Hussain (Group contact for LINE): 0845 456 3960;   






1) Islam Awareness week 2005 is the 11th year of Islam Awareness Week. It begins on Monday 21st November and ends on Sunday 27 th November. During the week, Muslim communities throughout the UK organise a range of activities and events: See


2) LINE (The London Islamic Network for the Environment) is an Islamic environmental group open to people of all faiths and beliefs. It was set up in 2004.


3) According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which comprises of more than 2, 000 independent scientists from different countries, given a sea-level rise of 1 metre, 20.7% of Bangladesh could be exposed, leading to the displacement of 14.8 million people.


4) Saturday 3rd November is a day of international climate demonstrations. It is the Saturday midway between the first MOP (first 'Meeting of Parties' to the Kyoto Protocol) climate talks in Montreal, which take place from 28th November to 9 th December. Climate demonstrations will be taking place on the same day in major cities around the world. See