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Below are a selection of websites that visitors to this site may find useful: 


Islam & Environment (UK-based)

IFEES (Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences): Based in the Midlands. Committed to the maintenance of the Earth as a healthy habitat for all living beings.

IMASE (International Muslim Association of Scientists and Engineers): A network of Muslims scientist, researchers and engineers.

RITE (Reading Islamic Trustees for the Environment): A community group whose vision it is to bring a wider appreciation of the environment.

ShINE (Sheffield Islamic Network for the Environment): An information and discussion group for green minded Muslims in the Sheffield area.


Islam & Environment (Abroad)

DC Green Muslims (USA): 'A network of Green Muslims in the District of Columbia (and surrounding areas) working proactively to help our communities understand and implement sustainable and eco-conscious ways of living while relating it to our faith and a holistic world-view'.


Social Ecology / Permaculture / Transformation / Nonviolence....

Earth Activist Training: A focus on social permaculture, organizing tools, and spirit, as well as the basic permaculture design course. "An Earth Activist Training can set your life on a new path.or show you how to save the world. Green solutions are sprouting up all around us, but permaculture shows us how to weave them together..."

Fast for the Planet: A concept that recognises the essential need for personal, community and economic transformation in engaging with the ecological challenge. It includes the use of fasting and attempts to engage people with their hearts, minds and bodies. Initiated by LINE/WIN.

Naturewise: Their work includes running permaculture courses, creating and promoting forest garden, and giving advice and consultations. They are based within the inner city of London and more recently in west Wales as well.

Organiclea: A small food growing cooperative in the Lea Valley on London's edge, E4.

Peace News: Magazine focusing on peace issues and nonviolent social change.

Permaculture Association (Britain): Creating sustainable human habitats by following nature's patterns. Based on the philosophy of co-operation with nature and caring for the earth and its people.

Rhizome: Co-op providing facilitation, mediation, consensus building and training to grassroots activists and communities across the UK, and to those organisations that support activism in all its forms.

Seeds for Change: Provide training and support to grassroots campaigners, NGO's, Co-ops and other community groups and organisations in the social sector.

Trapese Collective: Taking Radical Action through Popular Education and Sustainable Everything!' Their work involves interactive workshops, games, films, trainings, and action/campaign planning sessions. They also produce resources and focus on practical steps to inspire, inform and enable action.

Turning the Tide: Work to advance the understanding of active nonviolence and its use for positive social change. Offer resources and experience to individuals and groups through training workshops, consultations and publications.

Waging Nonviolence: News, analysis and original reporting about nonviolent activism.


NGO's / Networks / Thinktanks / Individuals (General)

Biofuelwatch: Campaigns against the use of bioenergy from unsustainable sources.

The Cornerhouse: Supports democratic and community movements for environmental and social justice.

Faiths For Change: People of faith and of goodwill working in partnership for the social, economic & spiritual transformation of local environments. Based in NW of England.

Friends of the Earth UK (FoE)

Green Events: Promoting conscious and sustainable living. Includes details of upcoming environmental, holistic, human and animals rights events, such as festivals, courses and campaigning activities. It also features a Directory of services. Covers London and Devon.

Greenpeace UK: aims to to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity. Organises public campaigns.

Monbiot.com: Website of George Monbiot, writer, speaker and activist.

New Economics Foundation: Aims to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues.

People & Planet: UK Students campaigning on world poverty, human rights and the environment.

Project Dirt: Connecting local green projects; Making it easier to be green; Facilitating activity (sharing, funding, volunteering etc); Learning from real life projects.

TCV (The Conservation Volunteers)

WDM (World Development Movement): Aims to tackles the underlying causes of poverty. Campaigning on climate change.

WWF-UK: conserves endangered species, protects threatened habitats and addresses global threats. Aims to find long-term solutions that benefit both people and nature.

London Based

London 21: Promotes, supports and networks community-based initiatives for a greener, healthier, and more sustainable Greater London.

London Food Link: runs a network of organisations and individuals with members as diverse as farmers, food writers, caterers and community food projects.

London Sustainability Exchange: aims to provide organisations and networks of individuals with the motivation, knowledge, and connections they need to put sustainability into practice.

St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace & Reconciliation: a unique meeting space in the heart of the City of London devoted to promoting understanding of the relationship between faith and conflict. They also actively explore ecological issues.


Climate Change

Campaign against Climate Change: Experienced umbrella body coordinating local, national, and international activism mobilising for above all, an international global treaty to minimise harmful climate change and the devastating impacts it will have. Specialises in building a mass movement of people.

Camp for Climate Action: Exploring the problems, challenges and solutions for climate change, whilst also sharing skills. Run without leaders and includes direct action.

Mark Lynas: Website of a dedicated author, campaigner and international speaker, devoted to discussions on climate change.

Plane Stupid: Campaigns for an end to airport expansion, a ban on shorthaul flights and the introduction of tax on aviation fuel.

Practical Action: Specialises on the sustainable use of technology to reduce poverty in developing countries. Aims to ensure solutions are in the hands of local people; It is working on adaptation to the effects of climate change & calling for urgent action on policies at the UK and international level.

Rising Tide: A network of groups and individuals dedicated to taking local action and building a movement against climate change. There are regional Rising Tide networks including one in London.

Stop Climate Chaos: A coalition of UK's leading environmental and international development organisations, as well as women's organisations, activist groups and faith-based campaigns. Aims to build irresistible popular pressure on politicians to act.



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