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Special Notice: We Need Help!

Thank you for visiting this page where we have put up information on the kind of things we spend our money on, as well as simple instructions explaining how you can support our work financially.


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WIN Account Details Our bank details / PayPal
Our Growing Work Background info about our need for financial support
How Much, and Where
Will it Go?!
To help you decide how much to give...



WIN Account Details

You can set up a standing order or make a single donation to WIN through your own bank. This can easily be done, for instance, if you have telephone or internet banking. You'll need to let your bank know our account details: These are:

Bank: The Cooperative Bank
Account number: 65173325
Sort code: 08-92-99

International Bank
 account no:

GB28 CPBK 0892 9965 1733 25
Bank Identification Code: CPBK GB22
Donate by Paypal

Benefit of being a regular donor: As well as benefiting Wisdom In Nature's work, by being a regular (monthly) donor you will get an additional concession on some of our courses & workshops.


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Our Growing Work

Our path has been such that our work has grown beyond expectation and we have now reached a stage whereby we are in almost constant demand. Consequently, we are in greater need of, and would benefit considerably from regular, committed financial support, in particular in the form of standing orders.

Such support will help us further develop our network to better meet the demand, and hence reach a wider range of people with our educational and campaigning activities. We thus invite you to consider helping in this way.


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How Much, and Where Will it Go?!

If you are interested in funding our work, you'll find the following information helpful. It explains what our money is used for and will also give you an idea of how much would be useful to give.

  • Donations - Single one-off donations are useful especially when we've got a one-off project we're focussing on, or if we're about to hit rock bottom! Our account details are here
  • Standing orders - Please consider a small regular donation in the form of a standing order, as this provides us with steady financial support, helping us to plan ahead and to better meet the growing demand for our work. Whilst suggested amounts are £1, £5 or £10 a month, you are welcome to give any amount you choose.

    Please arrange for the amount you wish to give to be transferred to our account on the 5th of the month, if possible (otherwise any appropriate date of your choosing). To help us manage our finances better you may also like to let us know once you've set up the standing order.

    You can either set up a standing order through telephone banking, or you can fill in a WIN standing order form for forwarding to your bank.

    Benefit of being a regular donor: As well as benefiting Wisdom In Nature's work, by being a regular (monthly) donor you will get an additional concession on some of our courses & workshops.


Ongoing income

We receive donations via the following:

  • occasional single donations.
  • monthly standing orders.

Please note: our day-to-day work is funded primarily by donations from individuals - we do not apply for external funds. This enables us to be independent of corporations and government, and helps further the creative, grassroots approach we are becoming known for. It also means we depend on finances from people like you! We would thus like to thank you for every and any bit of support you can give.

Ongoing expenses

These include:

  • speaker expenses (e.g. travel) for talks and workshops.
  • printing costs (e.g. flyers, photos for our album, newsletter, etc.).
  • website hosting costs.
  • stationary & postage.
  • venue hire for open forums.

Other expenses

These include:

As a campaigning network, whilst we are unable to receive 'gift aid' we have the benefit of greater freedom in our range of activities, which is visible on our website. And please note, no amount is too small and all support is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks from WIN for supporting our work.


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