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Introduction to Volunteering/Teamwork

As Wisdom In Nature is open to people of all faiths and beliefs, the same principle applies to volunteering. Anyone who is able to work within our ethos can contribute to our work. Currently, we have a simple application procedure for new volunteers.

As WIN is a network that aims to value it's volunteers whilst also working for positive change, there is a basic ethos that we individually agree to, and are able to expect of one another. These are essentially common sense, but as they can also be overlooked it is useful to outline them here:


Your Responsibility to Others

The Responsibility of Other Members to You

In general, a team spirit and nurturing quality is further brought out when we step into the shoes of others. Useful questions to ask oneself are:

When we look out for each other in simple ways, it can transform the way a group works, how it feels within it, and is felt by those who work with it.

* Please note that for official WIN representatives and those with specific roles, there would be an expectation of sharing appropriate workload.

The Strength of the Whole

When a group of people come together and follow through with actions whilst keeping to basic principles, such as keeping true to their word, keeping others updated, discovering and sharing one another's perspectives, motivations and vision, and being encouraging to each other, powerful things can happen and everyone wins, both in terms of results, and through the process. The value of the whole can then far exceed the sum of it's individual parts. This requires consistent work. It means making sure we each complete our seemingly trivial responsibilities, yet building a foundation for a greater goal to be completed.

Hence, people coming together and talking about 'saving the planet' or saying 'let's create peace' does not automatically mean results(!) It is too easy to overlook the effort and spirit involved that is necessary for the desired result to be achieved. Indeed, it is sad but true that often it's a case of 'all or nothing'. And if 'nothing', then everyone can lose. At WIN, our intention and effort is directed towards the former example - and we also aim to enjoy ourselves whilst we're at it. We look forward to welcoming you to join in!