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WIN VOLUNTEER Application Form


** Please copy and paste the entire contents of this webpage into the body of an email,
fill it in, and then send to us! **

In Peace,

Thank you for applying for a volunteer position within Wisdom In Nature . Simply complete the following application form, writing in complete sentences (from question 2 onwards) , and email to: 

If you have any questions, you can call us on 0845 456 3960 (local rate), or drop us an email.


1) Contact details: Please give:

a) Your name (first name & surname).

b) Your address?

If you are based in different region, please say where?

c) Your contact number(s) , including a landline if you have one?

2) In a sentence or two, please say why you would like to volunteer with Wisdom In Nature?


3) Briefly outline your experience in organising and social change (Or alternatively email your CV along with this completed form) We encourage you to mention specific areas. Feel free to draw on one or more areas from the list below, where relevant?




Feel free to draw on any one or more areas from this list (or/and beyond): Event organising; Group Facilitation/Consensus Decision Making; Permaculture; Fundraising; Justice Issues (e.g. food, economic, gender etc.); Non-violence; Arts/Theatre; Media/Social media.

4) Name three qualities you believe contribute to good team work. Pick ONE and explain why you believe it is a useful quality for good team work.



5) Do you have any special needs?


After filling in this form please email with Application for WIN Volunteer ' in the subject field to:  

You can expect to hear back within two weeks.

Any queries, please email, or call us on: Wisdom In Nature: 0845 456 3960 (local rate)



Wisdom In Nature was established in 2004, and is a UK-based Islamic ecology and community group. Our original name was the London Islamic Network for the Environment (LINE). We are committed to the transformation of society to live justly in harmony with the diverse natural world, of which we are a part, thus honouring the principle of Oneness ( Tawhid ). Our approach is both practical and contemplative. We use bottom-up processes and consensus-decision-making for much of our work, finding ways of equalising power and ensuring our processes and actions are owned by those directly involved. This deeper democratic approach reflects our commitment to mirroring the world we wish to live in, whilst being established in core Islamic principles. This is also supported by mindfulness of our sources of funding which supports us in being independent of corporate interest and government influence. 

Information about WIN's work and ethos along with expectations around volunteering and teamwork can be found on our website, especially the who are we and the volunteering/teamwork pages. You might like to familiarise yourself with these if applying.