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Seeking Volunteers: Islamic Ecology: Become a Wisdom In Nature Volunteer...

Start date: Within 3 months of applying (with some flexibility).
Applications ongoing.

Want to be part of an action network based on Islamic principles?

Applications are welcome from people of all faiths and beliefs who have an interest in Islam, reflective action and grassroots organising.


  • You have experience in  organising & social change.
  • You are committed to wholeness in yourself, and being of service to the wider community and planet.
  • You work flexibly with a team-spirit, and are willing to share & learn new skills.
  • You see things from a holistic viewpoint, rather than as disconnected parts.
  • You can volunteer on average 8-10 hours a month for 6 months (or longer).

Wisdom In Nature (WIN) is a UK-based Islamic ecology and community group. While our work has largely centred in the London/South East region, individuals from all parts of the UK may now apply to volunteer within our team. We will organise together to cultivate an ecological consciousness in our respective communities through captivating activities. Please bear in mind that volunteers residing outside the London/South East region may at present not receive the same level of support as those within it, due to geographical limitations. However, with the necessary commitment, patience and creativity, this should not be a barrier to contributing and being a valued and well supported member of the team.


Specific initiatives successful applicants will work on, with support might include one or more of the following: Event organising: e.g. Talk/Discussion, Workshop; Land-based practicals; Social media & logging; and/or whatever else emerges from the experience, creativity and passion of our growing team. You will be working remotely (internet access is essential), and attending occasional meetings and events, usually on a weekend day in the London area, where geographically practical.

To kick off the process, simply fill in an application form (see link below) where you can tell us about your experience so far. Selected applicants will be invited to an informal interview in London on a mutually convenient day (weekday or weekend). If you are successful, we will co-identify areas where you can work. There will also be opportunities for broadening your experience through branching out where appropriate.



To apply, you will need to fill in the application form - we have this on  Word and also HTML . You can use either.  Once received by us, you can expect to hear back within two weeks. If you have any questions, please call us on 0845 456 3960 (local rate) or email us at volunteer AT wisdominnature.org.uk

Please note, there is more information about WIN's work and ethos, along with expectations around volunteering and teamwork on our website, especially the who are we and the volunteering/teamwork pages. You might like to familiarise yourself with these if you are looking to apply.

Feel free to forward this page link to your networks.



Successful applicants will receive an induction, mentoring (on average monthly), and invitations for free or concessionary training as well as skills-share.

Training will be delivered by WIN Representatives and partner organisations where appropriate, helping successful applicants become agents for wholesome transformation of communities. 



Wisdom In Nature was established in 2004, and is a UK-based Islamic ecology and community group. Our original name was the London Islamic Network for the Environment (LINE). We are committed to the transformation of society to live justly in harmony with the diverse natural world, of which we are a part, thus honouring the principle of Oneness (Tawhid).

Our approach is both practical and contemplative. We use bottom-up processes and consensus-decision-making for much of our work, finding ways of equalising power and ensuring our processes and actions are owned by those directly involved. This deeper democratic approach reflects our commitment to mirroring the world we wish to live in, whilst being established in core Islamic principles. This is also supported by mindfulness of our sources of funding which supports us in being independent of corporate interest and government influence. 


Website: www.wisdominnature.org.uk
Tel. 0845 456 3960 (local rate)


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Want to be a Wisdom In Nature Representative?

We are looking for more skilled individuals to work as official WIN Reps. As well as the qualities of a prospective volunteer, in particular, skills in facilitation/conscious group work &/or permaculture would be needed. If you might fit this, and are interested, the first step would be to apply to volunteer and to make your interest known, and that way we can make sure we get to explore the possibility together.

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Start a Regional WIN Group


We are open to new regional WIN groups. If you (or you network) has a sincere interest in developing a WIN group for your region, this is what you will need to do:

  • Firstly, have a scan of our website, and in particular a careful read of the core strands and who are we page. In particular we are looking for people drawn to working in a cooperative/collective type structure, rather than a hierarchical one.
  • Reflect on whether WIN's ethos and approach fits in with your own.
  • If it does, great. Email us to get the dialogue started.



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