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About WIN Open Forums
  • Please note the frequency of these forums has recently been changed from monthly to every few months.
  • A useful way to find out about, and participate in our activities. Bring an open mind and a team spirit. We often have more ideas than hands, so if offering ideas that you would like to see happen, please be willing to help carry them out!
  • An opportunity to speak to volunteers and get a taste of how we work.
  • Held several times a year.

The forums are fun and usually work something like this (please note: we are currently in process of coordinating a new format):

  • We spend the first half listening to the speaker (or participating in a workshop) and then having open dialogue on the subject of the talk.
  • We spend the second half reflecting on recent activities & we begin to look at actions we'd like to consider, including opportunities for newcomers to get involved. We may also set aside a couple of minutes for Resource Cycle.
  • There is often the option of a trip to a local cafe afterwards for those who would like to go.

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Open Forums Diary

Open to all, regardless of faith or belief. No charge (unless stated otherwise). Donations welcome.

Venue & Times: Please click on the appropriate link below.

To stay updated
about future forums as well as other WIN activities, please subscribe to our low-traffic elist, WINnotices.





All upcoming events are now on our group blog



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Sun Dec 13th 2009 Shamanism and The Ways of our Ancestors: Perspectives from a Muslim Sumayah Ebsworth
(Writer & Holistic therapist)
Sun Nov 8th 2009 Lenses of the Green Movement Reading & Discussion facilitated by LINE
Sun Oct 11th 2009 The World We Want to Live in! Open Space Type Process
Sun Aug 9th 2009 Learning from Nature Muzammal Hussain (LINE)
Sun July 12th 2009 A Green View of Economics Victor Anderson (Green Economics Institute)
Sun Jun 14th 2009 Peaceful Expression for Change: Responsibilities & Rights
Elizabeth Chawdhary & Shumaisa Khan (LINE)
Sun May 10th 2009 Truth and Proportion - Reflections through the Qur' an
Workshop: Facilitated by LINE team
Sun March 8th 2009 Ecologism, Environmentalism & Islam
Reading & Discussion facilitated by LINE
Sun Feb 8th 2009 Fitrah: The Innate Nature - Reflections through the Qur' an
Workshop facilitated by LINE
Sun Jan 18th 2009
(3rd Sun as exception)

Compassion in Environmental and Peace Activism

Gene Stoltzfus
(Christian Peacemaker Teams, Director Emeritus)

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Sun14th Dec 2008 Al-Musawwir: The Bestower of Form - Reflections through the Qur' an
Workshop facilitated by LINE
Sun 9th Nov 2008 Fasad: When Corruption Appears - Reflections through the Qur' an

Open Circle

Sun 12th Oct 2008 Skills-Sharing Workshop & 'What Makes Community?
Workshop / Discussion on a Reading
Sun Aug 10th 2008 Biofuels & the Food Crisis
Helena Paul
Sun July 13th 2008 Skills-Sharing Workshop & 'Development'
Workshop / Discussion on a Reading
Sun June 8th 2008 No monthly forum due to LINE Training Day -
Sun May 11th 2008 Forum Theatre: Starting Debate Through the Language of Theatre Workshop Facilitator: Elizabeth Chawdhary
Sun April 13th 2008 Justice, Trade & Islam Shumaisa Khan
Sun March 9th 2008 Engaged Spirituality: The Life of the Prophet Muzammal Hussain
Sun Feb 10th 2008 Hajj: Journey of a Pilgrim Hassan Khabbazeh
Sun Jan 13th 2008 Monetary Justice, Ecological Justice Canon Peter Challen (Chair, Christian Council for Monetary Justice)
Sun Dec 9th 2007 Islamic Environmentalism in the UK: Present & Future Workshop with Muzammal Hussain (LINE) & Elizabeth Chawdhary (LINE)

Anne Gray (Social Activist) & Mark Barrett (People in Common)

Imam Muhammad Ibn Ismail (Al-Medinah Mosque, Brighton)
Abu Muntasir
Larry Lohmann, The Corner House
Open Floor

Usama Hasan, James O'Nions, Muzammal Hussain & Masood Yousef.

Stephen Watson (Powerswitch)
Ewa Jasiewicz (Writer & Human Rights Activist, PLATFORM)
Dr Mundher Adhami
Ben Reynolds (Project Coordinator, London Food Link)
Dr Muzammal Hussain (Founder, LINE)
Dr Derek Wall (Economics Lecturer & Green Party Activist)
Dr Usama Hasan (Middlesex University & Al-Tawhid Mosque)
Dr Robin Stott (London Sustainable Development Commission)
Discussion facilitated by Dr Sonya Ahmed (LINE)
Justine Huxley & Helen Gilbert   (St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation)
David Babbs, Friends of the Earth (Network Development Officer)
Murad Qureshi (Labour Party, Deputy Chair, Environment Committee, London GLA)
Blake Ludwig & Chris Suttie (Greenpeace)
Fatih Abdel Kariem, (Peace and Human Rights Activist )
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Open post-march discussion
Sun 13th Nov 2005
Climate Change
Open pre-march discussion
Dr Usama Hasan
Sun 14th Aug 2005
Environmental Meeting
Open Discussion
Alan Pegg (Friends of the Earth, Brighton)
Rebecca Findlay MA (Religous Studies)
Yakoub Purches
Harfiyah Haleem (IFEES Trustee)
Sun 13th Feb 2005
Environmental Meeting
Open discussion
Sun 9th Jan 2005
Climate Change Activism
Phil Thornhill (Founder, Co-ordinator, Campaign against Climate Change)
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Sun Dec 12th 2004
Environmental Meeting
Open discussion
Sun 3rd Oct 2004
Environmental Meeting
Open discussion
Sun 25th July 2004
Environmental Meeting
Open discussion
Sun 9th May 2004
Environmental Meeting
Open discussion
Sat 6 March 2004
Belum Rainforest Project, Malaysia
Ayman Ahwal
Sat 10th Jan 2004
First Meeting of London Islamic Eco-Group
Open discussion

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