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Events Diary ( Please also visit our open forums page)

Below is a list of upcoming and recent past events that might be of interest.



**Latest events are on our group blog**


Sat 27th March 2010 Learning from Nature: Islam & Permaculture Introduction Day
Workshop Facilitators: Zaibun Nisa & Muzammal Hussain (LINE / Wisdom In Nature)
Wed 20th Jan 2010 Faith & the Environment
Includes input from ShINE & WIN
Thurs 14th Jan to 11th Feb 2010 (weekly) Spiritual Responses to Global Crises
[St Ethelburga's]
Murray Corke, Muzammal Hussain, Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, Justine Huxley, Martin Palmer

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Sat 5th Dec 2009 Muslims at Emergency Climate Rally & the 'Wave'
[Speakers Corrner]
Several speakers from different political associations
Sat 21st Nov 2009 People & Planet Shared Planet Conference
Includes a LINE workshop: 'Muslims & the Environmental Movement: Exploring Assumptions, Building Bridges'.
Sat Oct 24th 2009 The Bigger Picture: Festival of Interdependence
[Bargehouse, South Bank (Organised by nef)]
Lots of speakers, skills-sharing, art galleries, film screenings and more. LINE is contributing to a workshop here.
Sun Oct 4th 2009 Green Islam Culture Day
[With Green Sundays, Dalston Kingsland]
Includes: Forum Theatre with Elizabeth Chawdhary (LINE);
the Muslim, Hip Hop Duo, Poetic Pilgrimage; A documentary film & more..
Sun Aug 30th 2009 Climate Camp: Muslims & the Climate Movement: Values & Hopes
[Climate Camp, London]
Fri 17th to Sun 19th April 2009 Muslim and Christian sharing in caring for the Environment:
[Weekend Event or Sat only option:
Co-hosted by: Hilfield Project and the London Islamic Network for the Environment .
Sat April 4th 2009 Greening Faiths: A Reading Faith Forum
With speakers from LINE, Operation Noah, Sikh Environment Network & others..
Sun 22nd March 2009

'Fast for the Planet': 2nd Main Event
[St Ethelburga's]

Facilitators from LINE & St Ethelburga's, with Guests:
Nicole Freris; Tarek El Diwany; Peter Challen; Derek Wall.
Wed 4th Feb 2009 Religion & Environment
[University of Essex Islam Awareness Week]
Rabbi Yehuda Fishman, Muzammal Hussain (LINE), A speaker from A Rocha

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Sat 6th Dec 2008 National March for Climate Justice
[Join LINE at the march!. Start point: Grosvenor Square, London]
George Monbiot, Michael Meacher, Mark Dowd, Muzammal Hussain, Nick Clegg, Caroline Lucas, & others..
Sun 19th Oct 2008 Special event:
Fast for the Planet
[Organised jointly with St Ethelburga's]

Facilitators from LINE & St Ethelburga's, with Special Guests:
Nicole Freris; Tarek El Diwany; Peter Challen

Sat 4th Oct 2008 Going Green Together: What Faiths are doing
about the Environment
Jagdeesh Singh (Sikh Environment Network),
Ken Livingstone,
Shumaisa Khan (LINE),
Rev John Hereward (A. Rocha),
Speaker from Brahma Kumaris
Sat 30th Aug 2008 'Signs' in the Forest Garden: Hands-on Ecology Day
[Archway, London]
Day Outing
Fri 15th Aug 2008 Waqf, Commons, and Industrial Development
[City Circle, London]
Larry Lohmann (The Corner House)
Sun 29th June 2008 Green Faiths Day [Worth Abbey, Sussex] Abbot Christopher Jamison;
Jean Leston (WWF / CEL);
Muzammal Hussain (LINE)
Joyce Edmond-Smith (Chair, Network of Engaged Buddhists)
Sun 15th June 2008

Faith & Climate Change
[London International Climate Forum]

Muzammal Hussain, Vivienne Cato, Mark
Dowd, Joyce Edmond-Smith
Sat 14th June 2008 Banking, Economics & Climate Change [London International Climate Forum] Tarek El Diwany, Peter Challen, Colin Baines
Friday 13th June 2008 Climate Change Event
[City Circle, London]
World Development Movement & LINE.
Mon April 7th 2008

An Incontestable Truth - Contraction & Convergence
St Ethelburga's

Facilitators:Muzammal Hussain & Elizabeth Chawdhary (LINE)
Thurs Feb 7th 2008
London Community Groups Network Event
Organised by BTCV: including a talk by Muzammal Hussain (LINE)
Chris Huhne MP, Michael Meacher MP, Caroline Lucas MEP and George Monbiot
Sun 25th Nov 2007 Fim + talks: 'An Inconvenient Truth' (Wightman Rd Mosque) with Muzammal Hussain (LINE) & Quentin Given (FoE)
Including a workshop with Elizabeth Chawdhary (LINE)
Speakers from: London Rising Tide, World Development Movement (WDM), and LINE.
Day Outing
Muzammal Hussain (Founder, LINE) & Ruth Jarman (Christian Ecology Link).
Shaykh Usama Hasan, David Babbs &
Dr Muzammal Hussain, Founder, LINE
Day Outing
Derek Wall, Green Party; Muzammal Hussain, LINE; & Khalid Hussenbux, Green Party.
Dr Muzammal Hussain, LINE
Muzammal Hussain, Founder, LINE
Muzammal Hussain
Prof Richard Bonney, Louise Hazan, FoE; Andrew Quigley, Leicestershire Diocese; Muzammal Hussain, LINE

National March for Global Climate Justice

Speakers: George Monbiot, Michael Meacher MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Norman Baker MP &  Zac Goldsmith.
See photos of LINE supporters
Environmental Quiz
Day Outing
Members of LINE, BTCV and TRUE
Muzammal Hussain


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