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Wisdom In Nature has four core strands providing a framework for dialogue, reflection and action. These four strands weave together a range of supporting values into a more coherent whole. Each strand comprises an intention for two supporting movements: a movement 'away from' ; and a movement 'towards'.

Our intention, thus, is to facilitate a movement away from states, processes, and paradigms that contribute to imbalances in the social and wider ecology, and move towards ones that are nurturing, wholesome, in alignment with our natural order (fitrah), and that help restore ecological balance (mizan).

The two movements in each of the four strands are summarised in the (provisionally worded) table below.

All are underpinned by the concept of Engaged Surrender.


WIN's Core Strands & Underpinning Concept

Earth & Community

Away from corporate domination and consumerism;

simplicity, sharing and a deeper connection to the earth & its diverse communities.

Deep Democracy

Away from concentration of power amongst the rich and privileged;

more equalisation of power that honours diversity, draws out consensus and empowers all.

Whole Economics

Away from monetary systems disconnected from real value and embedded in usury;

just economic systems nurturing to life, soul and community.

Climate Justice

Away from dependence on fossil fuels;

non-polluting energy, needs above profit, and low impact living.


Engaged Surrender

The above four interconnected strands are underpinned by a nonviolent, process-oriented activism, expressed through a contemplative dimension within the framework of Islam (Surrender to the Divine).


The above strands have been adapted from Fast for the Planet, a concept initiated by WIN.


[The term 'Engaged Surrender' used here has been influenced by its use by the scholar Amina Wadud. However the two usages are not necessarily identical in their intended meaning.]


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